Nature Walks: 

Just step out of the front door of Rolley and you will find walking and biking trails in all directions.  

There are small fishing ponds at the foot of the Castle and other larger lakes in the area. 

Nearby streams like the River Ourthe offer Kayaking trips. 

Discover Bastogne’s Living Wool Museum, which also helps fund people with disabilities. 

Rolley is just a fifteen minutes drive away from the border of Luxembourg, which has many beautiful towns, castles and nature areas to explore.  

Local Ardennes cultural heritage can be found at the Piconrue Museum in Bastogne: 

The Battle of the Bulge and WW2 Museums :

Bastogne War Museum:  Located on the outskirts of Bastogne. The museum covers the events leading up to the start of the war, and then a focus on the Battle of the Bulge.  The visit includes an audio guided tour with American, German and Belgian characters. The museum also has an excellent Book Shop and Cafeteria. 

Bois Jacques – made famous by the Band of Brothers series. This is now an augmented reality app guided tour. Tickets must be purchased at the Bastogne War Museum. 

The 101st Airborne Museum: Located in the center of Bastogne with a focus on the 101st Airborne Division. Also includes a very realistic experience of what it was like for those who were in Bastogne during the bombing of the city. 

Bastogne Barracks Located on the northern edge of Bastogne, contains a wide selection of armored vehicles. 

Mardasson Memorial: Belgium’s commemoration to the US soldiers who served in the Battle of the Bulge. Located next to the Bastogne War Museum (shared parking area). 

Local Catering: 

Traiteur Remiche Frédéric (on Facebook
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Excellent meals at a very reasonable price: 
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